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  • What is my coin or coin collection worth
    The value of a coin can be difficult to ascertain since there are so many factors which determine value. For example: Condition, Mintage, Mint Location, Errors, Metal Content, and Current Rarity are all things that can effect the value of your coin. At Liberty Coin and Gold, our experienced, professional staff can tell you exactly what your coin is worth and make you a competitive offer if you are looking to sell. Even if you aren’t interested in selling, we will still gladly help you learn even more about your treasured items.
  • Why should I buy Gold and Silver?
    At Liberty Coin and Gold we know that every customer has different needs and goals. We take the time to inform our customers of everything they need to know in order to make the right decisions for their own personal financial situation, even if that means discouraging a purchase. Generally speaking, people tend to be attracted to gold and silver for several reasons. First, precious metals like gold and silver have an outstanding track record of holding value that dates back thousands of years. Secondly, they provide a way to hedge against rising prices caused by inflation. Thirdly, physical assets provide peace of mind which paper assets simply cannot. Being able to actually touch ones own wealth, to have physical access to it, can be much more comforting than a simple representation of your assets, such as stocks, bonds, or bank notes.
  • What is my jewelry worth?
    Determining the value of jewelry can be rather complicated. There are several factors to consider. At Liberty Coin and Gold we are always careful to explain every step of our process to our customers, so that you can walk out the door with confidence that you have gotten the best price possible for valuables.
  • What do I need to bring in order to sell my jewelry?
    All we need is your jewelry, a government issued photo ID, and your signature.
  • Do you buy diamonds or colored gemstones?
    We will buy diamonds and a few select, exceptional gemstones.
  • Why should I buy from you, and not a large online dealer?"
    Liberty Coin and Gold understands that the privacy of our customers is of the utmost importance. When purchasing from an online or over-the-phone dealer, there are a lot of opportunities for invasion of that privacy. Perhaps you are wanting to protect your financial information, or maybe you simply prefer to not have your physical asset holdings be public knowledge. Liberty Coin and Gold will make sure that your information is only collected when absolutely necessary, and that it is never shared with anyone. Beyond protecting your privacy, we typically can beat the prices of online and over-the-phone dealers. Plus, there are no shipping or wire transfer fees for customers who buy in-stock items in person. Lower prices and better privacy.
  • Do you buy flatware?
    We buy flatware as long as it is made of solid Sterling Silver. If you aren’t sure of your flatware’s metal content we would be happy to take a look at it for you.
  • Do you buy dental gold?
    Yes we will buy anything that is solid Gold or Silver. Dental must be free of all material other than gold.
  • Do you buy foreign currency?
    Yes, we will buy foreign coins and paper money as long as they are composed of precious metals, are collectible, or have monetary value in their country of origin. We cannot buy currencies that are no longer used as money unless they are collectible or contain precious metal.
  • Is your store a safe environment to bring in my valuables and walk out with cash?
    At Liberty Coin and Gold we place an extremely high value on the safety and security of our customers. All of our employees are armed at all times and are extremely well trained in the safe handling of firearms.


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